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Educational Programming

Students at Happy Hollow have many opportunities to participate in meaningful experiences that enrich and challenge their educational program.


A fully certified music teacher meets with every class for an average of 60 minutes per week. Rehearsal time is built into the scheduling. Besides these regularly scheduled classes the following opportunities are offered.
  • Beginning Band – meets twice a week
  • Advanced Band – meets twice a week
  • 4th Grade Strings – meets twice a week
  • 5th Grade Strings – meets twice a week
  • 6th Grade Strings – meets twice a week
  • Choir – meets once a week
  • Participation in the ISSMA contest
  • Participation in Circle the State Choir
  • Annual 4th Grade musical
  • Annual 5th Grade musical
  • Annual 6th Grade musical


A fully certified art teacher meets with every class once a week for 45 minutes. Student artwork is displayed in a number of regional shows. Following is a partial listing of those shows. The specific art shows may vary year to year.
  • Annual Happy Hollow Art Show – at least one piece of artwork exhibited by every student
  • TAF Youth Art Exhibit representation
  • 4 Kidz Only Art Exhibit representation

Physical Education

Two certified physical education teachers meet with classrooms two times a week for 45 minutes each session
  • Annual Cross Country Meet – data for each student on record
  • Annual Decathlon Competition – data for each student on record
  • Annual Track and Field Meet – data for participants on record

Library/Media Center

A full-time fully certified media specialist meets with every classroom once a week for 45 minutes. In addition to library skills, the following opportunities are offered:
  • Reading Counts – Reading incentive program. The progress of every student is electronically tracked.

Other Academic Programs
  • 5th Grade Outdoor Education Camp – Every year every 5th grader goes on an overnight three-day camp experience. An extensive curriculum has been developed for this 50-year-old program.
  • Writing contests – Individual classrooms and sometimes the whole school participates in many writing contests throughout the year. Some examples are the Family Services Contest, Feast of the Hunters’ Moon Contest, “I Have a Dream” Contest. There are always winners from our school.
  • D.A.R.E. – Our 5th graders participate in a semester long drug resistance program. A local police officer comes into the classroom once a week and guides the students through the national program, which focuses on ways to resist drugs and violence.
  • Math Bowl – Students compete to represent the school in a statewide math competition. Practices are held three times a week for two months prior to the competition. Our school typically wins or places in the top three.
  • Spell Bowl - Students compete to represent the school in a statewide spelling competition. Practices are held three times a week. Our school typically wins or places in the top three.
  • National Geographic Bee – A classroom bee is held annually. The top 10 student scorers then compete in a school wide bee. The school winner vies for an invitation to the state bee.
  • Spelling Bee – Finalists are selected from each homeroom. A school bee determines the local winner. Past winners have won the regional, state and participated in the national bee.

  • Scoliosis screening for all 5th graders.
  • Vision and hearing screening for all new students.
  • Immunizations check for all students.
  • Day to day patient care.
  • Universal precautions training.
  • Daily administering of medications by a professional.
  • Screening of every child who has been absent because of illness before return to class.

Field Trips

Every classroom takes several field trips a year to extend the curriculum outside the classroom walls. Sampling of specific field trips taken in the previous school years have included:
  • Wolf Park
  • Fort Ouiatenon
  • Conner Prairie
  • Indiana Dunes
  • Jasper/Pulaski Wildlife Refuge
  • Celery Bog
  • Happy Hollow Park
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Clowes Hall to see theatrical productions, i.e. “Aida”
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Greater Lafayette Museum of Art
  • Architecture Walk through downtown Lafayette
  • Moots Creek – test water samples
  • Insectaganza and Bug Bowl – Purdue University
  • State House in Indianapolis
  • Indiana State Museum


Some speakers are all-school events; others are grade level; and still others are individual classrooms. Speakers are often used as an introductory or culminating tool to a unit of study. The following are sample categories of speakers from previous school years:
  • Authors of children’s books
  • Illustrators of children’s books
  • Graphic artists
  • Historians
  • Civic leaders
  • Career oriented speakers
  • College students
  • Motivational speakers encouraging life skills and avoidance of drugs
  • Musicians

Common Curriculum Enhancers
  • Mini-economy
  • Daily Oral Language
  • Daily Oral Math
  • NewsCurrents – a weekly world news curriculum
  • Simulations, i. e. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Who Discovered America, Australia
  • Living History Day

Parent Participation
  • Family/Community Programs
  • ENL Family and Friends – Volunteers help ENL families by providing informal parent-to-parent advice and support.
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